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the satellite club is off the ground!

Our satellite will meet at the Farm House Restaurant, 268 Bradford Street Barrie Ontario on Thursdays at 6:45pm. Future meeting dates are April 25, May 09, 16 & 23, June 13, 20 & 27. Additional dates for July & beyond to follow in the weeks ahead.

the first "wheels for wellness" a hit
Saturday Feb24 saw the launch of a new fundraiser to the delight of riders, sponsors and club members. Money was raised, prizes awarded, music enjoyed and fun had by all.
Wheels for Wellness 21
Wheels for Wellness 19
Wheels for Wellness 18
Wheels for Wellness 17
Wheels for Wellness 16
Wheels for Wellness 14
Wheels for Wellness 15
Wheels for Wellness 13
Wheels for Wellness 10
Wheels for Wellness 11
Wheels for Wellness 9
Wheels for Wellness 12
Wheels for Wellness 8
Wheels for Wellness 20
Wheels for Wellness 8 (1)
Wheels for Wellness 7
Wheels for Wellness 4
Wheels for Wellness 1
Wheels for Wellness 2
Wheels for Wellness 6
Wheels for Wellness 5
Wheels for Wellness 3
Wheels for Wellness 25
Wheels for Wellness 22
Wheels for Wellness 24
Wheels for Wellness 23
tyger shark's new years eve eve party pix
Rotary Jan18 cheque RVH dean furlano mccullough
Cheque presentation of the funds raised for the RVH thru our club by member Jimmy Furlano. The party's purpose is to bypass new year's eve cost and frenzy by celebrating the night before!
moose milk
photos from our fun filled christmas meeting
Rotary Dec21 Jernigan gift
Rotary Dec21 Markle gift
Rotary Dec21 Members singing
Rotary Dec21 McCullough gift
Rotary Dec21 Mallory gift
Rotary Dec21 Lorimar serving moosemilk
Rotary Dec21 Dennis back from florida healthy
Rotary Dec21 Adams Thornton Santa
Rotary Dec21 buffet
Rotary Dec21 3 wise men
it was Festivus for the rest of us!

We added our traditional libation "Moose Milk" to the airing of grievances, soup nazi, Seinfeld trivia, target shoot, Festivus pole and more, just for fun!

Rotary Earth Day con't... Kevin Shanks showed the club the Watershed Stewardship Partner Award which was given to us in recognition of our valuable contribution to the prevention and conservation of healthy waters.











Since 1951 when Charlie joined Rotary (President in 1957/58) a tree planting program he started has invested nearly $120,000 and planted over 7000 trees have been planted by Rotarians. Our club continues the legacy with the Charlie Wilson Environmental Award which honours those in the community who make an outstanding contribution to the environment. This year the Charlie Wilson Environmental Award was presented to President Bob Schickedanz of the Simcoe County Homebuilders Association who have donated a substantial amount (over $70,000) from their ice fishing event, through the Rotary Environmental committee, to many worthy environmental projects like planting oak saplings around the military park and building and renovating of structures at Fort Willow and NVCA property. 

Spring Tonic 2018 is done for another year, and it was a HUGE success! Thanks to all who came out! We'll see you NEXT year!

It's a green party at Hooligan's for our
St. Patrick's Day lunch!

Our Feb.08 lunch was a very special event at the Barrie Country Club to recognize and thank all the sponsors who make so much of what we do for our community possible. Our special guest and speaker was Kelly Wolfenden who recounted our club helping her at a time when she was battling cancer, dealing with chemo and surgery while trying to care for her son who was stricken with 200 seizures a day. She offered her tearful thanks and passed on that everyone's doing much better!

sponsorship recognition

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