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Festival of Trees - Lighting during Santa Claus Parade

Most people think the gorgeous display of lights that appear along Lakeshore Drive during the holiday season is put there by the city, but in fact it's our club working with generous sponsoring companies who are identified on signs throughout the park with fundraising proceeds going to the Rotary Club of Barrie. Festival of Trees lights are lit during the Santa Claus parade and remain lit till the spring. Immediately following the parade there's a picnic with hot dogs, hot chocolate and hot cider. 

Signs with sponsor logos and info are prominently displayed for a minimum of 110 days. With 16,000 cars travelling Lakeshore Drive daily, sponsor signs are seen at least 1,760,000 times.

Drone footage by club Secretary David Porter.

President David McCullough accepts a cheque for the proceeds generated by the Festival of Trees from project lead Bob Greer.

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