Rotary helps mom battle cancer and more

A Barrie woman was sitting at the cancer care centre at RVH feeling isolation, fear, pain, uncertainty and helplessness. She then looked up at the wall seeing a word that changed her experience.

Kelly Wolfenden, 53, had been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and was going through difficult rounds of chemotherapy and radiation when she saw the word Rotary. In that moment she decided to reach out to the Rotary club of Barrie to see if they could help her. She had great need aside from her own health issues. Her son James, 19, suffers severe epilepsy having over 200 seizures a day. She needed some basics to support her healing so with a simple letter and some hearts of gold, the Rotary Club of Barrie provided various types of support. A new washing machine made life just a little easier for someone who was so ill she couldn’t walk, temporarily paralyzed by the chemo treatments and also a new mattress to help her rest comfortably.

Kelly’s other son Tyler, 24, has also been a blessing to support both her and James health issues.

The Rotary Club of Barrie, which 35 year ago presented Wolfenden with the crown and sash for winning Miss Kempenfest, was now presenting her with much needed kindness.

“The Rotary Club of Barrie is like family”, says Wolfenden, “They opened my eyes to people who are truly caring and kind in Barrie. People need to know how much they do and care.”

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