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Pres Message

Club Initiatives


Funds raised go to support...


Royal Victoria Hospital

  Hearts & Minds - $350,000

Georgian Centre for

  Wellness & Health - $250,000

Haiti Earthquake Relief - $50,000

City of Barrie

  SouthShore sign - $25,000

Hospice Simcoe - $24,000

Rotary Book Day - $8,389

Christmas Cheer - $2,500

Fort Willow Festival - $2,355

Sesquicentennial Clock - $91,565


President's Message


As we move forward The Theme for the 2023/2024 Rotary Year “Create Hope in the World” allows us to offer Hope to “Others”.   I have been reminded that “Small deeds done are better than Big Deeds dreamed”. (Peter Marshall).   


The Rotary Club of Barrie have many great projects where we raise money to give “Hope” to some folk  who have challenges in life that we just can’t imagine. This year we will continue to work on these projects!   It is also important that we as Rotarians are aware of those we come in contact with who may just need someone to care…again sometimes it is those small deeds that can make a huge difference.  As Rotarians – it isn’t just about getting together for a meeting once a week – we represent a group of committed members.


Another focus of our year will be “The Four Way Test” – 

  1.   Is it the TRUTH

  2.  Is it FAIR to all Concerned


   4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all Concerned


Each and every member is needed to support the Directors in their Committees and I challenge you to attend those meetings and make a contribution with ideas and signing up for the projects.  Can you just imagine the “Hope” that we can create!


I chose to support the Polio Plus – because when the Salk Vaccine was first developed (don’t look at dates) they were looking for volunteers to do blood tests to see if they got the real vaccine – I had no idea what this entailed says someone who does not like needles and being “very young”  I signed up – and after the 4  blood tests it was determined that I had received the real vaccine.   By being a “Polio Pioneer”  I hope I was able to be a part of helping prevent polio in “others”. 


It has been said “I shall pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.

Betty Ann Lewis

President, Rotary Club of Barrie 





  Betty Ann Lewis


  Jeff McCuaig


  Chris Van Niekerk

Past President

  Chuck Boldt

Program & Information

  Mark Adams

Community Service

  Larry Pomfret

Vocational Service

  Jenny LeCollier

Club Service

  Stuart McMillan

International Service

  Louise Jones


  Bill Forster

Special Projects / PR

  John O'Brien

Sergeant at Arms

  Aaron Hesson


  Taylor Currie

Evening Club

  Dennis Tuck

Foundation Chair

  David Tisch

People of Action


Rotary International is 1.2 million neighbours, friends, and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world.


Rotary is where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.


Our differing occupations, cultures, and countries give us a unique perspective. Our shared passion for service helps us accomplish the remarkable.

Rotary International
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